Values and ambitions

We believe it’s possible to create a world in which we travel better, responsibly and enjoyably, while also minimising our impact on the planet.
The ingredients for our success are simple: excellence, peace of mind and lots of authenticity.
Our mission: to be the leading provider of sustainable transport between France and Switzerland.

What we are about

We run seamless services every day from the middle of Paris to the heart of Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich, so we love a challenge. And our biggest is combining speed with comfort and convenience to ensure that rail is the fastest and most pleasant way to travel.

Our expertise and success are built on the enthusiasm of our employees and constant desire to improve our performance and enhance our service. That’s how we deliver optimised journey times, unrivalled punctuality and satisfied customers.

Our everyday pleasure? Marrying speed with enjoyment as the leading provider of transport between France and Switzerland.

Our values

Reliable journeys

TGV Lyria brings together two nations’ rail excellence: France’s high-speed expertise, Switzerland’s precision, both countries’ service-minded hospitality. Our passion is bringing you joy and making every day and every journey special. 

Carefree journeys

At TGV Lyria, we want to be true to ourselves. You can trust us: we’re transparent and honest with you from journey’s start to journey’s end. We want the best for you: a simple, peaceful and flexible journey through a rich tapestry of landscapes.

Authentic journeys

Because being the best is about more than the quality of our service; it’s about the people providing it and the relationships they build; it’s about authenticity. Because excellence can be authentic too.

Our ambition

TGV Lyria is the leading provider of sustainable transport between France and Switzerland.

But what does that mean exactly?

It means that we are a passionate and pioneering transport provider. Travel between France and Switzerland is booming and rail is the ideal means of transport for meeting this demand.

For over 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to anticipate and adapt to passengers’ needs, without compromising our commitment to the environment. We have democratised personal and business travel with our ever-growing and regularly refreshed services.

Today, we are a key player: reliable and experienced, we combine technology, precision and safety with service and hospitality. The result? Lots of loyal customers. And lots to shout about!

Did you know that the first TGV service between France and Switzerland ran on the same day high-speed services began in France, 27 September 1981? For us, it’s as if it were yesterday!