MICE – organise your meetings and incentives In Switzerland or France with TGV Lyria

Would you like to organise meetings, conferences, incentives or trade fairs for your company? Select Switzerland for its revitalising environment, and travel there with TGV Lyria to enjoy comfort and convenience and our personalised offers!

Why choose Switzerland?

  • Suitable venues for everything from international conferences to small event
  • Proximity and ease of access
  • A variety of lake and mountain locations
  • Quality of hotels and reception facilities
  • A wide range of things to do, from snow sports to water sports in summer

Geneva – 3 hours and 8 minutes from Paris

An international city with the greatest conference and exhibition capacity in Switzerland.

  • 124 hotels
  • 36 hôtels (3 to 5-star)
  • 1 international conference centre
  • 1,800 restaurants
  • 40 private and public musums and art galleries
  • 3,500 events

Lausanne – 3 hours and 40 minutes from Paris

Lausanne, at the heart of the winegrowing region of Lavaux, enjoys an exceptional location: a central geographic position and a superb view of the Alps and Lake Geneva. Ideal for a seminar.

  • 2 conference centres
  • 33 hotels
  • + 100 event locations
  • 60 international and multinational associations or organisations

Basel – 3 hours and 3 minutes from Paris

The cultural capital of Switzerland, Basel enjoys a strategic position and has numerous reception infrastructures right in the city centre. An ideal place to organise a meeting.

  • 1 conference centre
  • 64 hotels
  • + 100 event locations
  • 100 catering options

Zurich – 4 hours and 3 minutes from Paris

Zurich, the economic capital of Switzerland, is a mix of areas with different atmospheres, and offers a diverse range of cultural activities. Perfect for your conferences.

  • 1 conference centre
  • 2,569 meeting rooms
  • 179 hotels
  • 2,133 restaurants, 500 clubs/bars and 27 local beers
  • 58 activities
  • 50 museums
  • + 100 galleries

Why choose France?

  • La France constitue la principale destination du tourisme d’affaires
  • Closeness and ease of access
  • A top-of-the-range infrastructure
  • The quality of its hotels and reception locations
  • The diversity of its activities

Paris – 3 hours and 3 minutes from Basel

One of the most popular MICE destinations in the world

  • 2,029 hotels
  • 1,325 hotels (3 to 5-star)
  • 17 conference and exhibition centres
  • 97 starred restaurants according to the Michelin guide
  • 206 museums
  • 300 events, including 100 concerts, organised every night in Paris

Dijon – 1 hour 30 minutes from Basel

Dijon, international gourmet and wine city

  • 65 hotels
  • 1 conference and exhibition center
  • 16 collective member seminar locations
  • 64 museums and monuments
  • Wide range of activities to do with gastronomy and wine

Marseille – 3 hours and 3 minutes from Geneva

Conferences and international or multinational leading-edge events. Marseille is a destination in the south of Europe that is not to be missed, offering all the facilities and capacity required for events to run smoothly.

  • 130 hotels
  • 4 conference and exhibition centres
  • 17 museums
  • 2,600 years of history and the oldest city in France

Why choose TGV Lyria for MICE?

For its benefits

  • Your event starts as soon as you board the train
  • You arrive in good time and enjoy comfort in a friendly environment
  • Travel very simply, from city centre to city centre

For its offer

Private hire of coaches or entire train compositions